Relationship breakdown

It’s a sad fact, but according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2014
· The number of divorces decreased by 1,140 (2.4%) in 2014 and the crude divorce rate decreased from 2.1 in 2013 to 2.0 divorces per 1,000 estimated resident population in 2014.
· The median duration from marriage to divorce in 2014 was 12.0 years, a slight decrease from 12.1 years reported in 2013.
· The median age at divorce for males was 45.2 years of age and the median age of females was 42.5 years of age for those divorces granted in 2014.
· The largest proportion of divorce applications were from joint applicants, accounting for 41.5% of divorces. Female applicants accounted for 32.5% of divorce applications while male applicants accounted for 26.0%.